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I just wanted to say that the day spent with you was so good, focusing entirely on my somewhat specific needs in Adobe Photoshop – something which many could not have handled. You taught nice and slow and in a clear concise way. I was very impressed.
Thank you indeed!

Andy Kyle

James very kindly tailored the course (Affinity Photo – Beginner) to fit my individual needs, and was great at explaining exactly what it was I needed to know. I am hoping to have another lesson when I have mastered what I have learnt so far. He has offered to help via email/phone if I get stuck!

Sarah Mason

Really enjoyed the day I’ve learnt the basis of building a website with a bit more confidence.

Jon Barton

Thank you for today’s course about WordPress. I can now go home and set up my own website using this website. I particularly like the top tips section!

Richard Toomer

I would certainly recommend James for anyone involved in WordPress. I have built websites using html and css, but he has a deep understanding of how WordPress works and can customise it . Bespoke WordPress Training, Dawlish, nr. Exeter, Devon

Dave Hutton

After the closure of our previous website’s platform we were under pressure to move our entire website and hosting to a new platform. Fortunately for us we found James Middleton Training. The transition and dedication shown by James and company in facilitating a new and completely revamped website using WordPress has allowed us to do things we did not think possible. Build a website in a day course, Exeter, Devon.

Steven Sleep

It was a very interesting and useful course. I picked up loads of things that I hadn’t been taught in school. There was a lot of specific information about how to get your website noticed on search engines. Bespoke WordPress Training, Dawlish, nr. Exeter, Devon.

Alex Jones

I found the course really interesting. We looked at how to make the site look good, but also how to make it work effectively so that it gets noticed. I now feel confident using WordPress. Bespoke WordPress Training, Dawlish, nr. Exeter, Devon.

Marika Jones

I’ve been wanting to update the church website for several years, but had not known how to do it. During the course I could correct some minor errors that had been niggling me. To see the website instantly corrected live was very satisfying. I now feel empowered to do that for myself. The course was excellent and James was easy to listen to. I highly recommend him. Bespoke WordPress Training, Dawlish, nr. Exeter, Devon

Dr Mark Jones

The training that James gave was fantastic. I thought it would be above my head and confusing, but it was incredibly clear. He demonstrated everything for me. I now feel that I can update the website myself and I’m excited to have a play around and see what I can do. Brilliant. Thanks very much James. Bespoke WordPress Training, Dawlish, nr. Exeter, Devon

Jo Jones

I have always wanted to create a website to talk about a subject which really interests me and I wanted a solution that I could manage. I chose WordPress. This was my first time looking at WordPress in any detail and James was an enthusiastic trainer who succeeded in passing over a lot of information in a very short timeframe. There was a lot of subject to cover, particularly as I had not used WordPress before. Although the pace of the course needed to be quick, I felt sufficiently confident to move forward alone and make a start on creating my articles and start building my site. I have referred to YouTube and WordPress magazine guides in the past, but the course really focuses the mind. It was a relaxed environment which allowed me to ask plenty of questions as they arose. The training was thorough, fun and enjoyable. Standard WordPress Course, Dawlish, nr. Exeter, Devon.

Andrew G.

The course was very informative and tailored to my own individual needs. James had a very flexible approach. He was friendly, I felt really comfortable and at home. Because of his help, I can work much more efficiently and can now make our website much more accessible. It will save me an enormous amount of time. It was a thoroughly enjoyable course and a really positive experience. Bespoke WordPress training, Dawlish, nr. Exeter, Devon

Claire Coombes

Most of us like to think that we are at least slightly savvy when it comes to smartphones, apps, Facebook, twitter, etc, and think we could probably manage a website it It was off-the-shelf and ready to go. But how to get started? Getting the right low-cost domain, web template, maybe e-commerce? Most of us need a kick start. James Middleton gave us just that. The basics of WordPress are no more difficult than Excel, Word or PowerPoint, once you’ve been given the intro and handy hints. E-commerce sounded scary but most of this open-source stuff integrates seamlessly, given a few pointers. And if it’s still a bit too much to get your head around, ask for a bit of ongoing support from James! Bespoke WordPress training

Barry Evans

I would recommend James to train anyone to construct and operate a website in WordPress. He is easy to understand and explains well. The results are very professional. Thanks James. Bespoke WordPress training

Dr Andrew Coombes

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